Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bad Blogger

Yes, I'm a terrible blogger. But I have been stitching.

I just finished this small stitch for my good friend, Becca. Her birthday is Thursday. I know she's going to like it. I just have to add the charm and frame it. It's a Lizzie Kate freebie.

This is my current work in progress, that I'm calling Beach Row.

And this is my UFO. I've just joined a group that is going to help me with this project. This is for my son, Noah. When I first started I was so excited and thought I could get it done in no time. Well, I think maybe because it's solid stitching, maybe because it's all gray colors, and maybe because I'm trying to hide it from Noah I've gotten nowhere with it. That's going to change.

And I'm going to try to blog more.


Elise said...

We're all bad bloggers... whether we spend too much time online or not enough! I see that you're being productive... so you just keep it up!

I like to say (and I'm sure it's not original) that I'm to busy *living* life to blog about it. :)

I send love, my friend! How are you?

Elise said...

Hey, you... everything okay? Thinking of you! Praying all is well and that you are enveloped in stitching and hugs from your family... (((hugs))) xo